Alex Carlisle has always been intrigued by politics and history. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois to an American father and an immigrant mother from Germany. Both of his parents were Union activists who rose through the ranks to become Union executives.

He learned at a young age that advancement needs foresight and hard work. Alex provided content for a syndicated radio show and a school newspaper throughout his college years. He went on to develop shows for Southern Illinois midnight radio programming.

After receiving an MA in American History, Alex had a brief career in education before branching out to start his own family company. Alex presently resides in a small town north of Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife Molly, two children, and a golden retriever named Reggie, in a home within walking distance of his favorite restaurant "Starbucks." He enjoys socializing and seeing the world through new eyes. Alex is thrilled to announce the publication of his debut book, "10 Things You Were Supposed to Learn from Donald Trump."

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