10 Things you were supposed to learn from Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has the distinct ability to shake things up and tread where no other man has tread before. Love him or hate him, he is not the kind of man you can just ignore.

Alex Carlisle's debut non-fiction work takes a practical approach to understand some of Trump's most polarizing political and personal actions and says what can I take out of this situation?

More than 500 quotes, newspaper articles, and manuscripts were compiled to create a synthesis of more than almost 600 pages of text. It was further edited down to the most dynamic, memorable, and poignant moments of Trumps tenure as POTUS through the eyes of Alex Carlisle.

This study of an American icon takes a deep look at how one man's actions has had such profound effect on the "idea" of the American way of life, what it means, and how do we get back to it? President Trumps take on Foreign Policy had the international community

10 Things You Were Supposed to Learn From Donald Trump is bold and unapologetic. It does not portray Trump as a saint or a sinner, but rather shows how he personified what was in the heart and mind of many Americans.

While there are certainly more than ten things to learn from Trump, 10 Things looks specifically at how drastically different Trump went about his affairs, got things accomplished, and when it appears that all is lost, he will start a new chapter out of the ashes.

10 Things is nothing less than a brilliant assessment of Donald Trump's legacy to American History of one man's self evident truth to be a leader among leaders no matter the opposition. There are other books on President Trump that can certainly give a blow by blow assessment of the inner workings of the policies and the politics behind the scenes in the White House. 10 Things will give you a razor sharp look at how one man made all of the difference living outside of the boundaries. Few are able to do so without being destroyed, and that's why it's worth consideration.

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